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Enough Toolbars?

Only five toolbars? This guy should (not) download more spyware!

Hacked by Virus

Viruses these days can do more than just spread.

They can also call home and completely compromise your local network.


Sometimes, electronics lab experiments can be frustrating. Especially when you have to make a current measurement, then replace a jumper. Then make a voltage measurement. Then make a different current measurement and replace a jumper. Then log the data. And do it all over again.

Solar Powered Amateur Radio Station

My home Ham station is inexpensive and it runs independently of the power grid.

There are four main parts of the setup.

Battery Analyzer

I was recently given a non-working battery analyzer, a LaMantia BA-402. After replacing a fuse, downloading the control software, and assembling a home-made temperature probe, I have a fully functioning unit.


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