Home Radiation Monitor

Shortly after the Fukushima disaster, I decided it would be a good idea to monitor the radiation levels at my house to see if there was a detectable increase.

I took an old civil defense radiation meter (Electro-Neutronics CDV-700) and hooked it up to my Linux laptop. I have it configured to record WAV files of the meter output. I also created a C program which will process each sound file and perform several steps of signal processing and then output a text file with the click count.

So far, it's been pretty consistent in logging 17-22 clicks per minute (the meter is sensitive to both gamma and beta radiation). At this point I have almost a year and a half of data, and I haven't seen a substantial increase in detected radiation, but I have been reviewing files pretty much at random.

The next step is to create a shell script that will process the large number of text files and summarize them by day, month, etc. That will give me the bigger picture.